• Film-Work


    A package of screen narratives on WORK across times, locations and genres.

  • Memory Stations


    A public art and local history project initiated simultaneously in multiple cities in Cologne, and North Rhine and Westphalia (NRW), the post-industrial region of Germany.

  • Copy It


    only for those who have sinned – stolen or copied books, artworks, ideas…
    nur für Diebe und Raubkopierer - von Büchern, Kunstwerken, Ideen...

Majlis projects were conceived in the realm of public and collaborative art

  • Project Cinema City Research Art and Documentary Practices


    Research Art and Documentary Practices 2009-2014
    A multi-disciplinary project involving 100 artists, architects and cultural scientists, on the cinemas that the city of Bombay / Mumbai produces and cities that its cinema imagines.

  • Import Export (Cultural Transfer Between India and Germany/Austria)


    Cultural Transfer Between India and Germany / Austria 2005(Curated by Angelika Fitz, Dorothee Wenner, Madhusree Dutta, Marle Kröger and Michael Wörgötter)
    The project explored the trajectory of fluid cultural interfaces and fragile mutual perceptions between India and German speaking Europe through three central themes: Moving People, Moving Concepts, Moving Goods.
    Supported by ECCP (European Union – India Economic Cross Cultural Programme). No inside page as I lost all images for this project

  • World Social Forum

    2004 (Co-curator Tushar Joag of Open Circle)

    Public culture initiative to mobilise and facilitate political art and art-action initiatives under the aegis of World Social Forum.

  • Expression


    Festival of interfaces between Women’s art, feminist discourse and gender activism – the first of its kind in India.